A number of potential customers have recently built large production facilities in the immediate area including Blue Origin and OneWeb, in a newly vibrant commercial sector at what has been affectionately known as the Space Coast of Florida.

June 14, 2018

Quantum Space Products Moves In to New Lab

Quantum Space Products (QSP) is pleased to announce the start of our development lab lease at the SLSL facility, Kennedy Space Center, Florida. 

This new location gives us local access to world-class aerospace engineering talent, testing facilities, and partnership opportunities. 

This modern laboratory facility is central to QSP’s plan to further develop our miniaturized, low cost, high efficiency transmit antenna, along with several other unique technologies and processes related to our communications and radar products.  This new laboratory also allows us to continue our important work on the development of a commercially viable Mach Effect Thruster.

We look forward to getting to work in our new lab, and sharing additional exciting announcements soon!


Bill Thornton
COO – Quantum Space Products
Brig Gen (ret), USAF