We are passionate about actively expanding the boundaries of science and using this knowledge to create the products which will open up the vast resources of space to humanity.

The technologies we’re developing are extraordinary in their potential, with truly world-changing applications and opportunities for the average person.  These are not just iterative improvements.


--three separate replications of MET thrust at world-class research labs in Austria, Germany and Canada

--three separate top peer-reviewed investigations validating physics consistent with Mach Effect theory

--identified proprietary dielectric with ideal properties for antenna and thruster development

--identified proper design models for antenna and thruster work

--identified spinoff markets for next generation radar and communications antennas

--created next generation Mach Effect Thruster design for new dielectric

--identified necessary processes and equipment for manufacturing both antennas and thrusters

--gathered world-class team of visionary engineers and business professionals

--identified specific applications for our highly disruptive products across several multi-billion dollar markets

--obtained letters of interest from industry leaders, with offers for flight testing and projections on price points to enter market

--secured development and fabrication facilities at Kennedy Space Center, Florida

--designed plan for antenna demonstrations--quick connect for use in testing/demonstrating antennas (TRL 6) to potential customers on a regular basis

--designed plan for TRL 7 antenna demonstration--flight on LEO satellite within 6 months

Quantum Space Products Inc. is a Delaware corporation with primary offices located in the Space Life Sciences Lab next to Kennedy Space Center, Florida.


Our company is founded on the vision:

“To make space accessible, useful and affordable

for all of humanity.”